We provide a wide range of products with different brands to meet customer needs :
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Products Brand Name
• Pointe Shoes BLOCH, Capezio, FREED
• Soft Block BLOCH, Capezio, FREED
• Soft Shoes Capezio, Mi-Fit
• Jazz Shoes BLOCH, Capezio, Mi-Fit
• Tap Shoes BLOCH, Capezio
• Character Shoes BLOCH, Capezio, Katz, Mi-Fit          
• Teachers Shoes BLOCH
• Dansneaker BLOCH, Capezio
• Warm-Up Boot BLOCH
• Sleeveless Mi-Fit
• Short Sleeve Mi-Fit
• Skirt Mi-Fit
• Tutu Skirt Mi-Fit
• Leotard BLOCH, Capezio, Lulli, Mi-Fit
• Tights/Foot-tights Capezio, Mi-Fit
• Socks Mi-Fit
• Body Stocking Capezio
• Gardigan Mi-Fit
• Knitwear Intermezzo
• Ballet Shorts Mi-Fit
• Jazz Pants Mi-Fit
• Leggings Mi-Fit
• Leg Warmer FREED
• Foot Glove BLOCH
• Accessories BLOCH, Bunheads, Capezio, Flexistretcher, Gaynor-Minden, Katz, Mi-Fit

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